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Jonas says that the arts, philosophy and education should be priorities in the New York Times. So true. Plus, he’s got another 5 books in the works, a few films and raising funds for a major project. So, what’s on your to-do list for next year?

Lithuanians in Jonas’ hometown of Biržai have put up a stone sculpture in honor of their most famous son. It is topped by Jonas’ signature fedora.

We celebrated Jonas Mekas’ 95th birthday in Vilnius at the Mazvydas Library. Dainius Gavenonis read Jonas’ poetry and Mindaugas Vadoklis’ jazz quartet improvised alongside. We’re sharing the video and hope you enjoy!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JONAS

Nice to see that our favorites are the same as Jonas’!! Lady Bird, Paterson. But, we would probably go to the Oscars, if invited

Bravo, Jonas!!! Congratulations on your new job