2018 06 20. Juozas Milasius, Andrius Kalytis- VINDOUZ


Juozas Milašius – guitarist, composer, performance artist, free jazz musician and maestro of the noise aesthetic is an uncompromising avantgardist and devoted
Milašius has collaborated on many projects with a wide array of jazz and experimental music artists: Petras Vyšniauskas, Vladimiras Čekasinas, Vytautas Labutis, Vladimiras Tarasovas, Dalius Naujokaitis, Arkadijus Gotesmanas and others.
But, guitar is his passion and he is able to coax it into producing an incredible range of sound.
On June 20, 2018 at 9 PM, Juozas Milašius and Audrius Kalytis will lock themselves in the Jonas Mekas Visual Arts Center to torture their guitars.

The audience will be able to watch (hear?) the sounds of their performance in the street outside.

Audrius Kalytis has always been an inherent part of musical groups, especially SH, and has never been a solo performer. Even though his groups never had many fans, Audrius had a very large impact on those who understood him.

In the early 1990s, Audrius was already playing non-stardard tunes, writing simple, but very unique chord slides and masterfully manipulating pop style melodies as well as the walls of sound.

Audrius has made rare appearances in the last few years, however, once in a while he astounds with a “here and now” on the spot composition with spontaneous guitar riffs that not only show the potential of a guitar, but primarily reveal his inner life.

Audrius is currently experiencing some very interesting turns in his guitar music and Post Sonic Youth. All is changing and what will come after that is yet to be seen. Most important is that there are no pre-determined boundaries.

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