2019 11 14-12 07. 8TH ALYTUS BIENNALE: SANQABA (SituagrApHic QuAntumpilgriminage Trip from Botosani to Allenche)


(SituagrApHic QuAntumpilgriminage Trip from Botosani to Allenche)

This Alytus Biennale, taking place in the 12th proletariat calendar year (formerly 2019) is dedicated to experimental phenomena shown since 1993 that later became generalized as the Alytus art (psycho) strike.

To this end, on August 10-30 the Alytus Biennale took place in 5 countries by the Black Sea. It was here that all of the ideas generated in Alytus this past year were materialized and the dreams of those who participated in those events in Alytus found their place of rest.

The Psychoworkers Union invites everyone interested in spiritual searches and revelations to discuss situagraphics in Alytus and Vilnius.

Situagraph at the Alytus Art School (S. Dariaus/S. Girėno g. 25, Alytus).

Consruction begun October 15, 2019. Presentation – October 30, 5 PM.

Situagraph at the Jonas Mekas Visual Arts Center (Malūnų g. 8, Vilnius). November 14, 2019 – December 7. Presentation – November 14, 6 PM (as is usual in Lithuania, bring a candle.)

Bearing in mind that there may be some difficulty re the terminology used and the interpretation of some historical facts, we present the link between concepts used in situagraphs and the facts: The muslim Hurufis (lettrist) Fazlalla Astarabadi (pseudonym Naimi) foretold his death as a martyr in 1396.

Allenche (Azerbaijan today) was the beginning of a new age – God‘s age (we usually refer to it simply as the age of the entrenchment of capitalism). It was a time when man decided that he wanted to be equal to God.

The Talmud (Kesuba Treatise) states that the Jews will not use physical force to establish their nation until the apparition of the Messiah from David‘s house. Psychoworkers are of the opinion that that Messiah was Isidor Isou who in 1946 published the Lettrist Manifesto and in that way not only initiated the creation of Israel, but his date of death marked the end of the age of God (capitalism).

January 29, 1925. Isidor Isou was born in Botosani.

March 19, 1942. Isou has his first visions that later find their way into lettrist ideas.

  1. The first Alytus Biennale take place as an IAPAO agreement (meeting in 2004 in Bandung) to organize hundreds of contra-biennales throughout the whole world and in this way, the agony of God’s age would begin.

July 28, 2007. Death of Isidor Isou. Alytus announces an Art Strike Biennale. That same year, the Belle corporation in Tsukuba find a tetraquark (an exotic meson) that is named Z(4430). It is from this year that the proletarian calendar (PC) starts to be counted and which the organizers of the Alytus Biennale have consistently adhered to.

1PC (prev. 2008). An international art strike conference takes place in Alytus targeted against the capitalism of the Vilnius European Capital of Culture.

2PC (prev. 2009). The Alytus Art Strike Biennale. The Psychoworkers’ Union of DAMTP is formed. The deceased workers manifest themselves at Hart Hall in New York.

4PC (prev. 2010). The DEWOU-DAMTP manifests themselves at the Dartington cemetery.

4PC (prev. 2011). Alytus Psycho[art] strike. World Psychoworkers Congress.

5PC (prev. 2012) Psychodecolonialization Congress in Alytus.

6PC (prev. 2013) Alytus Psycho[art] Strike Biennale – Desa-Kala-Patra. A decision is made not use the term exhibition, and to replace it with situagraph (desakalapantragraph) instead.

7PC (prev. 2014). First Three-Sided Soccer Championship in Silkeborg – the first attempt by DAMTP to reproletarianize triolectics.

8PC (prev. 2015) Alytus Psycho[art] Strike Biennale – Revolutionary Animism. IWW officially dissociates itself from the phychoworkers, unproductive, reproductive, destructive and deceased worked from the 007/700 sector. Illegitimate Workers of the World (IWW) is established. Quantum three sided soccer is discovered in Alytus and played there for the first time. Two pentaquarks (exotic baryons) are discovered at CERN: P+c(4380) and P+c(4450). Bourgois scientists term their discovery as „accidental“.

9PC (prev. 2016) The first Quantum FluxSoccer Equinox Festival (FQFFEF) is held in London, Amsterdam and Karara.

10PC (prev. 2017) Kathalytus Psycho Strike Biennale. DAMTP splits into factions.

11PC (prev. 2018). Three-Sided World Soccer Championship Proletarian-Animistic Psychoexorcism in Madrid.

12PC (prev. 2019). 8th Alytus Biennale: SANQABA (SituagrApHic QuAntumpilgriminage Trip from Botosani to Allenche).

Project supported by:

City of Alytus Municipality

Cultural Fund of Lithuania

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