2021 10 06 – 10 23. Getting to Know Jonas Mekas: Letters from Nowhere

The video installation Getting to Know Jonas Mekas: Letters from Nowhere will open on Wednesday, October 6 at 6 PM  at at the Jonas Mekas Visual Arts Center (8 Malūnų St., Vilnius, Lithuania).

Please join us and share this invitation with your friends and colleagues!

Guests will need to provide proof of vaccination or immunity against Covid 19 with a “Galimybių Pasas“.

Jonas Mekas and his collection of poems, Letters from Nowhere had been included by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania in the  general education program for  7th and 8th grade students.”.

The Jonas Mekas Visual Arts Center, in collaboration with the Šiauliai State Drama Theater, has prepared an educational video for students, in which students will see: 1. Jonas Mekas himself reading his poems as well as his philosophical insights on various issues 2. Actors of the Šiauliai Drama Theater read Jonas’ poems from Letters from Nowhere. 3. Excerpts from the most famous of Jonas’ films. 4. The thoughts of Jonas Mekas’ student, film director, winner of the National Culture and Art Prize Audrius Stonys about Jonas and his works.

Video installation curator: Naubertas Jasinskas

There will also be the opportunity to see the original version of Jonas Mekas’ film Letters from Nowhere (1997).

The project is supported by Vilnius City Municipality.

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