Fluxus kolekcijos eksponavimas

01/04/2021 – 02/02/2022 | Exhibition “Humor Has It’ | Nam June Paik Art Centre, Seoul, South Korea

July – September, 2018 | International exhibition – festival EDIT FILM CULTURE dedicated to the anniversary of the cinema almanach that was started publishing in 1954 in NYC by Jonas Mekas and Adlofas Mekas. Part of the FLUXUS Collection related to this almanach was presented.  In this Collection you can find valued originals of the FILM CULTURE designed by George Maciunas, Andy Warhall, and other world-famous artists.

 23/05 – 09/07,  2018 | Exhibition from the Fluxus Collection by Jonas Mekas Visual Arts Center that represents Fluxus movement as collective activity.

09/05 – 02/06, 2018 | Exhibition “Fluxus & Mačiūnas’92”. One of the first Fluxus projects in Lithuania that took place at the Vilnius Pupil Palace in 1992 was reconstructed and exhibited.

17/09 – 10/06, 2017 | 37 works by George Maciunas from the Fluxus Collection by Jonas Mekas Visual Arts Center, also the films and photography by Jonas Mekas was presented at the international contemporary art exhibition “Documenta” that took place in Athens and Kassel. Works by Geogre Maciunas from the series “History Atlas of Russia” (1953) and “Expanded Title” (1953) were exhibited at the Neue Galerie of Kassel. At the cinema hall Bali, Mekas’ films “Reminiszenzen aus Deutschland” (1971-1993, 2012), “Lost Lost Lost” (1949-63, 1976), and “Reminicenses of a Journey to Lithuania“ (1972) was presented, as well as his photos where life of refugees at the camps in Wiesbaden, Kassel (Mattenberg) DP in 1945-1948 documented. Also, the video film about Jonas Mekas I had nowhere to go (2016) by famous Scottish artist Douglas Gordon was shown in the exhibition “Documenta 14”.

02/09 – 31/10, 2016 | In collaboration with Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania, Jonas Mekas Visual Arts Center presented the exhibition “Postcard for Vilnius – with love George” dedicated to the opening of the reconstructed building of the library. The exhibition included the works of design, graphic works, objects and postcards by George Maciunas.

29/05 – 30/11, 2016 | In collaboration with “Architektūros fondas” (“Architecture Fund”), George Maciunas’ work “Atlases of Russia” was presented at the Venice Architecture Biennale in the Pavilion of the Baltics.

20/09 – 10/07, 2015 | In collaboration with the National Gallery of Art, the exhibition “World according Fluxus” was presented. The event was supported by the Lithuanian Council for Culture and the Ministry of Culture.

23/09 – 31/12 | Exhibition FLUXUS+FLUXUS

20/09 – 03/11, 2013 | In collaboration with the State Museum of Saint Petersburg and Municipality of Vilnius City, Jonas Mekas Visual Arts Center presented to the Russians in Vilnius exhibition “Fluxus: Atlases of Russia” and personal exhibition by Jonas Mekas “See you, My Friends”.

December, 2012 | Exhibition by George Maciunas and other Fluxus artists “Anything can substitute Art: Maciunas in SOHO” at the Cooper Union Gallery in New York.

May, 2012 | Exhibition by George Maciunas “He is from Kaunas…” in the Kaunas Fluxus Ministry.

November, 2010 | Exhibition “A Key to the Art”

June, 2010 | In collaboration with the embassies of United States and Lithuania in Ukraine the exhibition “From NYC with Love” consisted of the Fluxus Collection by Jonas Mekas Visual Arts Center was presented in the Modern Art Museum of Kiev.

May, 2010 | In collaboration with the U.S. Embassy in Lithuania, the huge exhibition of the Fluxus Collection by Jonas Mekas Visual Arts Center was presented. To this special occasion the book “ILLEGAL LIVING: 80 Wooster Street and Evolution of SoHo” by Roslyn Bernstein and Shael Shapiro was published.

January, 2010 | Exhibition “FLUXUS PERFORMANCES”

Fabruary, 2009 | Events for the 100th anniversary of Restored Lithuania: the film “Lithuania and the collapse of the Soviet Union” by Jonas Mekas and the series “Atlases” by George Maciunas from the Fluxus Collection by Jonas Mekas Visual Arts Center.

November, 2007 | Exhibition “From Futurism to Fluxus”

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