The Jonas Mekas Visual Arts Center (JMVAC) presents a contextual aura meter for artwork. The ARTRONIC CONTEXTUALIZOR OF THE AURA OF ARTWORK measures a work’s contextual aura to its maximum proximity regardless of its type of form e.g. it may be a work of art, music, literature, etc. It takes into account its content, time period it was produced and size as well as a wide range of other factors. Based on a precise calibration of the contextual, physical and chemical FLUX total wavelength as well as on the ŠPEMS socio-aesthetic, socio-ideological and economic movement measurement and tracking systems, the device reviews a work’s unique data, including various enumerated encased waves and provides error-free measurement of the work’s contextual aura, i.e. its specific value using the formula №. + X = $ <¿☺> ≈ ‰ ¥ ♫ ~ + ♀♂ = ?

ARTRONIC CONTEXTUALIZOR OF THE AURA OF ARTWORK (ACAA) is a unique experimental unit still being developed by the JMVAC’s laboratory scientists-artists. In the event of its successful application, it is scheduled to be mass-produced in 2017. The obvious advantage of the ACAA is the precision of its measurement of the contextual aura of works of art (or of its value). It would also be useful in the restoration of artworks. However, the device can be most adequately and widely used in the primary and secondary art markets e.g. by collectors, art fairs and galleries by setting an objective value for an artwork determined not only its monetary value, but by a more objective and multifaceted aura of its true value.

Since the ACCA makes the process of the contextualization of artworks and their capitalization more effective, the ACAA could eventually completely replace the obsolete and no longer effective professions of art history, art criticism and art curating, thus saving a considerable amount of money.

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