The Jonas Mekas Visual Arts Center Presents Archival Material from the ACAA Project

The ARTRONIC CONTEXTUALIZOR OF THE AURA OF ARTWORK was first tried out in 2015 during the Art Vilnius 2015 art fair. The ACAA system exactly determined the contextual aura of the (art) work itself or that of its holder/creator, taking into account a variety of factors. The experiment lasted four days and was tested on over a thousand (art) works and their auras. It became clear that the ACAA system is capable of separating out the aura of a work of art, the aura of its holder/creator and is even able to determine the contextual fluctuations and subtleties of instances of “borderline” auras. Therefore, the results, within a small margin of error, confirmed that the ACAA can be used in the arts system, and resulted in the beginning of its mass production from the first half of 2017 at Irzytyk Baldabur IT 1.0 Pro, which is one of Mongolia’s contemporary technology manufacturing plants. The system is a pragmatically esoteric one involving artificial intelligence that has the ability to penetrate the dimensions of an aura’s functionality.

The project presents documentary material about the ACAA’s first attempts. The testing process was filmed and (with the permission of those being tested), the documentary video material of that process is presented. It reflects the unique features of the testing process, its testing specifications and its conceptual assumptions.

Also, this archival project displays photographs from the course of the documentary project, templates from the artworks that were tested as well as a few sketches that were created and tested during the experiment. Also on display is the template of a certificate received by everyone who was tested.

It is our opinion that, after the passage of two years, it would be useful for the public to become acquainted with the results of the first trial of the ACAA that led to a revolution in the area of the measurement of auras in works of arts.

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