2019 05 07 – 05 27. Juozas Milašius. PLASTIC CARDBOARD ELECTRIC & ACOUSTIC

Opening 7th May 2019, at 6 P.M.

Jonas Mekas Visual Arts Center, Malūnų g. 8, Vilnius


What does this show mean to me?
It’s the debut of my ELECTRIC &
saying farewell,
to all of the usual audio and visual mediums
that we have known until now.
The end of an era.
A funeral.
A sense of the speed of the flow of time.
A catharsis of the inevitable.
A triumph of transformation
I’ve been thinking about an album like this for
twenty years.
Sometimes this idea seemed crazy.
Sometimes awesome.
While making this vinyl record,
I was persecuted by “ecology”.
I used the cardboard from old, discarded vinyl
inside sleeves and plastic covers,
recycling them, changing their original
I “converted” the old into new, giving them life
after death.
Sort of a recincarnation.
When something is inevitably destroyed.
Something remains.
Survivors change and change all that is around

 Juozas Milašius – (b. 1968), a guitarist, composer and originator of various performances, is one of the most uncompromising personalities in Lithuanian jazz, who explores absolutely free jazz and noise, and alternative ways of creating sound. He is able to make his instrument speak with incredible voices. He is a conceptual artist and experimenter, who has been exploring the possibilities of the guitar for 30 years, playing solo and as part of various projects with renowned improvisation and electronic musicians and sound artists.



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