SU-MENĖK (GET-ARTED) : Vilnius Contemporary Art Bus


Vilnius Contemporary Art Bus


Hop on, hop off. Take a look around, immerse yourself. If you feel a little odd, but uplifted, congratulations – you have been ARTED. Travel around 25 Vilnius art galleries and museums – get on the SU-MENĖK branded bus that runs between them, get off at another stop on the bus route and let contemporary art inspire you for a special experience.


You can pick up SU-MENĖK information leaflets at each participating gallery or at the Vilnius Tourism Information Center at Pilies St. 2 or Didžioji St. 31.


You can travel on this route free of charge on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays:


January 31 – February 2

February 7-9.

February 14 – 16

February 21 – 23.

February 28 – March 1


# Route

The buses start running at 11.00 at the Antanas Tumėnas stop.

Buses run every 40 minutes.

You can get on a bus at any stop on the route.

You can find the exact schedule at


The Jonas Mekas Visual Arts Center is located at the 8th stop.

Malūnų g. 8

V, VI 11: 00–19: 00

VII 11: 00–17: 00

Free admission


Saulius Grigoravičius’ solo exhibition Two Suns is currently on view, in which Kazimir Malevičius’ Black Square has been remixed as an interactive video and audio installation consisting of separate but related parts.

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