2020 10 08 – 10 10. Theatrical installation FABRICA


The Sirenos Vilnius International Theater Festival has been fostering a mutual exchange of ideas and creativity between Lithuania and the world theater to present a “different” kind of theater to Lithuanian audiences through a showcase of innovative works by famous international stage artists who are forming a new theater reality.

Lithuanian audiences have been introduced to famous works in European contemporary theater. Sirenos, in cooperation with its partners, have revealed a panorama of works by new names in theater and annually organize educational and free events by expanding the festival context to include creative workshops, conferences, film screenings, master acting classes, discussions, especially prepared introductions to the achievements of the creators of contemporary European theater. Sirenos provides a venue for Lithuanian theater productions to be viewed by foreign theater experts, promotes cultural export and international cooperation, opens up the way for new contacts and annually introduces a wide range of the most interesting performing arts works created in Lithuania.

The theme of this year’s Sirenos was based on the time of quarantine and is titled “Unwelcome”. What does it mean to be unwanted, unexpected, rejected? An open invitation to development teams to join the festival with their projects was held for this year’s festival. Four winners were selected from all of the submitted projects and presented their works during the festival that took place on September 24 to October 11.

The festival provides its partners with communication opportunities via their own website, social networks and print advertising.

More about the festival can be found at: http://www.sirenos.lt/

Theatrical installation



fabrica is a theatrical installation that was one of the four winners of the Sirenos competition in 2020 and will be presented on October 8-10 during the festival. The installation will be created at the Jonas Mekas Visual Arts Center using audio, video and motion capture technologies.

About fabrica:

“When are we just “playing”? And when are we “really” playing?

Are we running away from reality by immersing ourselves in the virtual world or, conversely, are we confronted with what is real within us? Does “reality” consist of our daily experiences that are constrained by societal roles and norms of behavior? Or has it already been “pre-programmed”?

By inviting us to look at games as real- life events and life as one of the stages of a never-ending game, fabrica will explore these issues through theatrical experiences. The theatrical installation at the Jonas Mekas Visual Arts Center is an endless tale, in which viewers will be provided with the opportunity to enter and exit at any moment, thus allowing them to personally participate in composing the entire story.

Creators: Naubertas Jasinskas, Tadas Černiauskas, Gintaras Sodeika, Jonas Konstantinavičius, Rokas Kišonas, Almantas Vasiliauskas, Jonas Konstantinavičius, Dinas Marcinkevičius, Monika Abraitytė.

More about the theatrical installation: http://www.sirenos.lt/programa/fabrica/

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