2021 08 17 – 08 27. Everyday is a Game – Fluxus exhibition in Tokyo, Japan

About Project

“Everyday life is an art. Everyday life is a game.” is the slogan of this years’ “Creative Lithuania: Fluxus” events that are taking place in Tokyo on the 17th – 27th of August and are presenting the internationally acclaimed works and widely spread ideas of the Fluxus movement. The programme includes an exhibition of various international artworks made by Fluxus artists, public presentations given by international professionals of the contemporary art and culture fields and a performance that has been specially created for the “Creative Lithuania: Fluxus” and is a unique collaborations between Japanese and Lithuanian artists.

“Creative Lithuania: Fluxus” events are not only oriented to the Fluxus movement itself, but they also aim to explore the connections between Lithuanian and Japanese Fluxus artworks and the impact of the movement on contemporary international art. The year 2021 is a perfect opportunity for that: George Maciunas, a Lithuanian American artist, was the founder of the Fluxus movement and 2021 marks the 90th anniversary of his birthday; 2021 also marks the 60th anniversary of the Fluxus movement itself. Many Japanese artists were involved in Fluxus, namely Yoko Ono, Ay-o, Mieko Shiomi, Genpei Akasegawa and others. Ay-o was born in the same year as George Maciunas, so his 90th birthday anniversary is also a great opportunity to commemorate the Fluxus movement, which Ay-o has greatly contributed to. In addition to that, 2021 is the year of games: the Olympic and Paralympic games are happening this year, as well as many local games that have been postponed since 2020. „Creative Lithuania: Fluxus” becomes yet another game for the art and culture lovers, who are curious, willing to experiment and discover new ideas.

About the Exhibition

„Everyday is a Game” consists of various international artworks and aims to demonstrate the diversity of the ideas, artworks and personalities of the Fluxus movement. The selection of the artworks of the exhibition was made primarily with the aim of representing the depth and variety of the Fluxus ideas as well as bringing in some freshness by showcasing the rarely exhibited unique items, rather than merely presenting the works that are already very well known. The exhibition “Everyday is a Game” is a quick run through the changing years, different geographical locations and diverse, outstanding ideas of the Fluxus movement. The exhibition features graphic and photography works, prints and short movies, as well as several tactile pieces that invite the visitors not only to see the artworks, but also to experience them with different senses. The tactile selection of the exhibition “Everyday is a Game” includes a table tennis set, which follows the rules of Fluxus (in other words, follows unconventional rules), and invites the viewers to begin playing in a pretty straightforward manner.


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