yr. 2018

2017 12 27 – 2018 03 17. Gintaras Znamierowskis “Art criticism: theories-methods-practicepeople-expression-objects. We are used to the idea that art criticism and research “examine artists and art practices”. But, can’t it be the reverse? Can art examine art criticism and research? Artist Gintaras Znamierowki throws down this gauntlet and proves that this can be done! This exhibition is composed as a museum-like exposition-installation that has a cultural anthropological narrative. Lithuanian art research and criticism are both perceived as local “ethnographic” phenomena that are defined as a particular group’s material, physical and spiritual culture. 

2019 03 29 – 04 29. Aleksas Andriuškevičius’ NEVER BEFORE SEEN exhibition . The exhibition NEVER BEFORE SEEN presents works and series by the artist that were created from approximately 1989 through 1994 and gathered dust in his workshop for over 20 years, but for one reason or another never saw the light of day at a show and are unknown to Lithuanian audiences.

2018 05 09 – 06 02. Exhibition „Fluxus & Mačiūnas’92“. The Fluxus & Maciunas exhibition at the Jonas Mekas Visual Arts Center recreates in part a large segment of the documents, posters, etc. that have been kept in the archives of Modestas Saukaitis. According to Gintaras Sodeika, the exhibition of copies of these Fluxusdocuments, posters, photographs, etc. today “may seem naive and useless, however, it seemed important at the time”. Truly, we can say that these artefacts from the 1992 show that were part of the Fluxusprocess have become a part of the Fluxusarchives.

2018 05 23 – 07 09. The FLUXUS Hive exhibition presents a part of the FLUXUS collection held by the Jonas Mekas Visual Arts Center that represents this movement as a collective activity.

2018 06 07 – 06 16. Vasarė Krugždaitė’s Interactive Installation and Graphic Arts Show. I am sharing 7 stories about mold in an interactive book with these themes: Utopia, Home, War, Anthropophilia, Bread, Bats and Black-White. Each story portrays mold in a different context. The stories are bound together through certain segments: links that allow a particular story line to change depending on the order in which the themes are read. 

2018 06 06 – 06 10. „Art Vilnius 2018“. George Maciunas “Icon”. George Maciunas created the icon in the 1950s and presented it as a gift to his sister, Nijolė, Andrius’ mother. The Icon was created as a self-made object to be used for religious purposes, although it cannot be said that it does not possess a protoflux spirit.

2018 06 20. Juozas Milašius and Andrius Kalytis „Vindouz“. On June 20, 2018 at 9 PM, Juozas Milašius and Audrius Kalytis will lock themselves in the Jonas Mekas Visual Arts Center to torture their guitars. The audience will be able to watch (hear?) the sounds of their performance in the street outside.

2018 07 12 – 09 15. Jurgita Žvinklytė „Utenis Calling“. This exhibition is about micro-legends and a creator’s relationship to his native city. Based on various stories, one is transported in time from a personal relationship to one of general history and visions for cities. Works for the exhibition were created in collaboration with Lina Praudzinskaitė, Domas Rinius, Ingrida Kepalaitė, Miglė Križinauskaitė, Vitalis Červiakovas.

2018 12 20 – 2019 03 30. Svajonė and Paulius Stanikas present their newest project Sins at the Jonas Mekas Visual Arts Center in Vilnius. Svajonė and Paulius Stanikas are among the foremost and prolific of Lithuania’s artists who have been on a creative and varied path for almost three decades. The artists live in Paris, France and frequently represent Lithuania at many prestigious global exhibitions and projects, among them the international Venice, Liverpool, Moscow and Beijing Biennales, the Pompidou Center and the Vu Gallery in Paris, the White Box Gallery in New York, the Other Gallery in Shanghai and elsewhere.

2018 07 14 – „Edit Film Culture“, Berlin . The Jonas Mekas Visual Arts Center (JMVAC), in collaboration with the Berlin Silent Green Film Feld Forschung Institute (Germany), participated at the Festival EDIT FILM CULTURE that took place in Berlin and was dedicated to a celebration of the almanac that Jonas Mekas and his brother, Adolfas Mekas, started publishing in New York in 1954. The Jonas Mekas Visual Arts Center participated in the event with originals of Film Culture magazine that are a part of its permanent collection.