2018 06 07-06 16. Vasarė Krugždaitė’s Interactive Installation and Graphic Arts Show

Vasarė Krugždaitė’s Interactive Installation and Graphic Arts Show to Open at the Jonas Mekas Visual Arts Center in Vilnius, Lithuania on June 7


Mold is an organism that we encounter quite often in our environment. It comes in various sizes, forms, colors and odors and can appear anywhere at anytime. No matter where we are, mold is always near us. It lurks in everyone’s room waiting for an opportunity and the right circumstances to grow and expand. I am presenting mold not as an individual micro-organism, but as a person’s good friend or sometimes foe. I’m forming an objective view towards mold based on scientific literature, but in trying to touch upon emotions and feelings in situations arising from mold, I have relied on personal experience and technological experiments.


I am sharing 7 stories about mold in an interactive book with these themes: Utopia, Home, War, Anthropophilia, Bread, Bats and Black-White. Each story portrays mold in a different context. The stories are bound together through certain segments: links that allow a particular story line to change depending on the order in which the themes are read. This type of presentation allows one to see mold from different perspectives. Not only the variety of story lines but also their sequence plays a significant role in affecting a story and its meaning. Different story lines allow you to acquaint yourselves with unfamiliar environments and to experience some of them without actually having to be a part of them. The opportunity to change the course of a story enhances the feeling of true understanding and allows you to create your own story.


The mold acquires various forms through graphic stamps and light installations that help you to become better acquainted with the contrasting features of mold in a multimedia space.

Vasarė Krugždaitė

MA Grafika



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