2009 m.


December 18, 2008 – January 16, 2009. Heroes of Our Times.  Joint exhibition of the JMVAC and Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association.

February 15 – March 30. Premiere in Lithuania of Jonas Mekas’ film Lithuania and the Collapse of the USSR on the occasion of Lithuania’s Independence Day. Opening of an exhibition of George Maciunas’ Atlases.


April 8 – May 9. Edward S. Curtis and the North American Indian.  Also, American Avantgarde Film program prepared by Jonas Mekas.  Joint projects of the JMVAC and the Embassy of the United States in Lithuania.

May. Film Marathon. A year long project that showed 52 film programs as well as 100 internationally known films. A large portion of the silent film programs had live music accompaniment by noted Lithuanian artists e.g. A. Gotesmanas, V. Smolskas et al.

July 27-29. Migrating Birds.  Third international series of workshops for Lithuanian artists working both in Lithuania and abroad.

Summer. Free of charge educational presentations for a wide variety of groups about the Fluxus movement, Jonas Mekas, George Maciunas, the cultural work of the JMVAC and the Hermitage-Guggenheim Museum project.

June. An exhibition of works by graduates of the Lithuanian Art Academy.

July 14 – August 21. On the Other Side of the Screen. An exhibition of works by Eugenijus Varkulevicius.

September 9 – November 15. Spanish Film – A Visual Chronicle. Joint presentation by the JMVAC and the Embassy of Spain in Lithuania.


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