2024 05 25–06 02 Po galais! | Darius Jurevičius

Mini Exhibition of Darius Jurevičius’ Photographs in the J|M|V|A|C Windows

Po galais!

May 25, 2024 – June 2, 2024

Together with the mini gallery “Neverk / Don’t Cry,” the Jonas Mekas Visual Arts Center presents in its windows a mini exhibition of Darius Jurevičius’ photography titled “Po galais!” (“Damn!”).

The exhibition displays photographs from the beginnings and ends of film strips. Unfinished, torn, cracked images invite the viewer to extend them in their minds, interpret them in their own way, or simply enjoy the abstract form.

Darius Jurevičius is a photographer, poet, and performance artist, and a member of the creative group “Vaibai Ore.” As the artist states, one of his inspirations for creation is the Fluxus movement’s idea that art is a play, a pursuit of randomness, a possibility to combine various art forms. “I don’t know if my photography is experimental on a global scale, but in my work, I don’t stick to one line, I’m not afraid to change. (…) What others call defects or accidental errors can be works of art (who doesn’t know that?). But to replicate so-called defects, to multiply errors – there are matters,” says Darius Jurevičius.

You can find more of D. Jurevičius’ photographs on Instagram.

The exhibition, along with J|M|V|M|C, is presented by the mini gallery “Neverk / Don’t Cry,” whose main strategy is the mobility of the exhibitions displayed, changing the scale of art.

The exhibition is open until June 2. We invite you to view it around the clock through the J|M|V|A|C windows.

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