The first seminars about happenings in Lithuania began back in 1988-1989 in the village of Ažuožeriai in Anykščiai. They never had a unifying theme but were always a forum for discussing what was relevant to the FLUXUS movement at the time and were always competing with time and space.

In order to return and strengthen this tradition, we are organizing a conference to discuss the topic of the (im)possibilities of alternative, interdisciplinary and other (non)art.

Participants of the first happenings seminars AN-88, AN-89, AN-97, will be making presentations  on Lithuanian music, interdisciplinary and visual (non)arts at the conference: Ričardas Kabelis, Antanas Zabielavičius, Tomas Juzeliūnas, Arvydas Baltrūnas, Redas Diržys, Šarūnas Nakas, Gitenis Umbras and Diopo Ndugu. The famous artist conceptualist and FLUXUS member, Ken Friedman, whose exhibition “99 Events” is currently on display at JMVMC, will remotely join this group.

Conference guests will also have the unique opportunity to see and hear a never before shown interview with Jonas Mekas about contemporary FLUXUS.

We look forward to seeing everyone interested in the FLUXUS movement then and now on August 4th at 6 p.m. at the JMVMC.


Free admission!

Presented by: JMVMC and NBA (Non- Budget Art)

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